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Join us for a quick overview of the beautiful city of Buenos Aires. Of course, we can’t cover it all, so here’s a quick video to get you started on what Buenos Aires offers.

Named for good sailing winds, Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina, and home to nearly a quarter of the country’s two million residents. Come for the stunning European architecture, and stay for delicious cuts of meat, the city’s zest for soccer, and, of course, the tango.

“The Paris of South America” boasts outstanding shopping and a friendly populace. A tour of Buenos Aires should cut through La Boca Harbor, where you’ll find numerous street vendors, restaurants, and street dancers willing to give you a spin. Wander down the streets to take in colorful artwork, and make a game out of asking the locals what neighborhood you should tour next. Here’s a hint: with so much to see, everyone will give you a different answer!

Some will tell you to visit San Telmo for souvenirs, patio shopping, and crumbling historical buildings. Others will suggest Puerto Madero, a refurbished shipping port that boasts a mixture of old-world glamour and modern buildings. What everyone will suggest, however, is a stop by Plaza de Mayo. There you can take in the rosy architecture of the Casa Rosada, which was made famous by Argentine First Lady Eva Peron and the musical about her life, “Evita.” Take a tour and learn about her life, from her humble beginnings to her rise to power.

Cap off your Buenos Aires sightseeing with an evening walk through Puerto Madero, where you can get a late dinner and dance until the next day arrives.

Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina, is said to be the most European city in
South America with buildings that are reminiscent of bygone times, with melancholy, romance and Latin flair is a part of daily life as well as a passion for steak, tango and football!

The mighty Plaza de Mayo is the historic heart of the city and the pink façade of the Casa Rosada shines brightly, the Presidential palace from where Domingo Perón and his wife, Evita, once waved to their loyal subjects.

The La Boca district is the old harbor area and lies at the mouth of the Riachuelo in the Rio de la Plata. The bright colors of the painted buildings are a joy to see and where today, dances are performed on every street corner.

Everywhere traders have erected stalls and tango musicians, pantomime artists, ice cream sellers and various artisans hope for a profitable day. In what was once the red light district with its whore houses of colorful corrugated iron taken from numerous ship wrecks, the tango was born.

When visiting an Estancia, a gaucho show is a must. Cowboys live with their horses, a fact made obvious by way of acrobatic performances.

Tango, the true pulse of the city, erotic, melancholic and full of life. A dramatic adventure. But beware. When night falls, this Buenos Aires Diva turns into a City Fatale. Mysterious, dark and full of burning desire. An extraordinary metropolis of the superlative!

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