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Ingrid Michaelson | Time Machine (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

SoulPancake is proud to present the official video for Ingrid Michaelson’s “Time Machine.” With special appearances from our very own Rainn Wilson, as well as Matt Jones, Jorge Garcia, Rob Delaney, Steve Agee, Brian Baumgartner, Dave Koechner, Garret Dillahunt, and Donald Faison.

Find “Time Machine” on iTunes, from the album “Lights Out” available everywhere!

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Written by Ingrid Michaelson, Busbee, Trent Dabbs
Video produced by SoulPancake Productions
Directed by Jeff Wadlow
Edited by Claire Vogel

You lit the fire
Then drank the water
You slammed that door and left me standing all alone
We wrote the story
We turned the pages
You changed the end like everybody said you would

I should have seen it coming
It should have sent me running
That’s what I get for loving you

If I had a time machine
And if life was a movie scene
I’d rewind and I’d tell me run
We were never meant to be
So if I had a time machine
I’d go back and I’d tell me run, run

I got your letters
I got your words
I stacked them high and lit them all and let them burn
Your broken sorrys don’t mean a thing
You made that bed
Good luck falling back asleep

I should have seen it coming
It should have sent me running
That’s what I get for loving you


Oh your love it got me higher
Then it drove me up the wall
But the higher up you go
The further you will fall


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Ingrid Michaelson | Time Machine (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)



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